Saturday, December 10, 2011


"... good satire is an exceedingly rare commodity. More than ever, the creation of the ridiculous is almost impossible because of the competition it receives from reality." -- Robert A. Baker (in A Stress Analysis of a Strapless Evening Gown)

Recently a well-known online book database yielded the following dealer's description of a book being offered for sale:

"Pages are Aged, Yet Clean. ... Paperback : soft cover edition in good or better condition, some slight wear to edges, as normal for age of book. Overall good copy of this title. Excellent read. A good book to enjoy and keep on hand. Or would make a great gift for the fan / reader in your life. (Excellent Self Help Reference Guide To Get You Out Of a Slump, Into New Place, Prosperity, Awareness Or On to the Next Project, Gain Meaning And Usefulness For Your Life. In Depth Insights in to your Personality and your Ability to Change Yourself. Personal Empowerment Growth...)"

One feels sure that the author of this description was being far too modest. It's obvious that this book cures writer's block and suppresses any reality-based inhibitions. Should you desire a copy, here is a specimen of the same title, a little Catholic missal from 1961:

To our fans/readers we wish Christmas felicitations and a New Year of Prosperity and Personal Empowerment.

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